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What if you had just 2 or 3
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EACH ONE earned you $100 a day,

3 Web Sales Pages X $100 X 30 Days = $9,000 Monthly 

Big Money Webpages 

I have engineered a complete product sales funnel so you can begin auto-selling ready-made products and have 100%
profits coming into your paypal account, on autopilot.

"Now you can sell one or more of my most popular products and keep 100% of the profits!"

I do the hard work and setup everything for you.
You promote and keep 100% of the sales you make!

The payments come into your PayPal account instantly!







 spearhead profit funnel




Did you get the
Big Money Webpages
Free Report"?


big money webpages report



From: Doyle Chambers, 25+ Year Master Marketer
Re: Big Money Webpages Setup For You 


After making a full time living as a mail-order/internet/MLM marketer for over 25 years, I've learned that I must give people exactly what they want...and give it to them just the way they want it.

Here’s a change in how I do business online. This is a huge opportunity for those who take action. 

Read on to learn how easy it is to partner with me and have your own online business instantly.



In 1978, I picked up a Los Angeles Times Newspaper and saw an interesting full page ad. Joe Karbo told his story on how he got out of debt and made more money than he could spend. I immediately sent $10 for his book, "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches". This important book ended up being the blueprint plan for my life's work. Joe Karbo was a master copywriter and marketer. His teachings were an unshakeable seed that grew inside me.

Joe-Karbo's Lazy Man's Way to Riches


From Joe Karbo, I learned that a Sales Letter is a communication device to help people solve a problem. The better the communication, the more sales are generated from a particular sales letter. One good sales letter can bring in an enormous amount of money. I recently heard the story about one sales letter created by an Internet Marketer in 2003. This man's sales letter brought in over One Million Dollars in less than 48 Hours. Another well-known information publishing company does over One Billion Dollars in sales...year after year. Their very persuasive sales letters are legendary in the marketing industry.


From 1988 through 1994, mail order money-making magazines and tabloids flourished. Some of the most powerful full page sales letters appeared in those publications. My entire house was filled with BOXES containing these money-making publications. Eventually, I ran out of space for the boxes. I was forced to cut out ONLY THE BEST full page sales letters from all those publications. Then I threw away what remained. All those sales letters filled up 20 Storage Boxes. For years I used these powerful sales letters as the ULTIMATE RESOURCE for creating my own sales letters.


I started my business in 1989. I had no money. But I was inspired to make it happen. All I had was my Mother's old typewriter. I started writing small reports and selling them with ads in small newspaper publications. I started making more and more money...because I reinvested my profits into more ads. Soon I was able to purchase an LCII Apple computer and a postscript laser printer. A mail order friend had some desktop publishing software called ReadySetGo! Learning how to use this software is what changed everything for my business. I was able to create amazing sales letters that were combined into one catalog. For many years my success grew.

Below is a picture of my very first sales letter.

My first full page sales letter


In 2008, I made the decision to expand my business to sell on the Internet's World Wide Web. To accomplish this, I first had to learn how to build websites using special software called XSitePro. Eventually I was able to re-create all of my existing sales letters into webpages...that were combined into ONE Catalog Website. Over many years, I've continued to add more and more Sales Webpages that sell problem-solving products. My work never ends...and the sales keep pouring in.



The Monopoly Game 

Have You Ever Played
The Monopoly Board Game?

Here's how the game is played...

 Buy the Properties (Assets)

 Buy the Houses or Hotels


house hotel 


As a young kid, I remember playing the game of Monopoly for hours with my family. I didn't realize it then, but Monopoly taught me how the Free Enterprise System worked. It drilled into my subconscious mind the need for accumulating income-generating assets and being an entrepreneur. 

You need to Build Assets Online if You
want to Create a Growing Income
for You and Your Family.


A traditional job only produces short term income. With a job, you're always needing to trade time for money.

Online assets are different. If you have several Web Sales Pages that sell fantastic products, online customers will keep buying from you over and over again.

Leveraging your own Assets Online can produce a stable, growing income that automatically keeps paying you every day (once everything is setup - it just keeps working for you).

Everyone CAN sell something. Everyone SHOULD sell something. 

An effective Web Sales Page is salesmanship multiplied. The income producing power is multiplied many times over. The sales pitch is written down so thousands of people can read it online…all at the same moment. The Web Sales Page delivers a persuasive sales message - so you don’t have to.


The Web Sales Pages goes to work for you automatically as your salesman...selling to every person who visits your Web Sales Pages. 


This powerful method of multiplying your efforts through Web Sales Pages has made many people rich. You will be leveraging your time and multiplying your salesmanship by using easy methods to send people to your Web Sales Pages.


These Web Sales Pages are effective tools to interest other people and draw them into starting their own business. This online selling process is much easier now than it ever has been! I want to help people get started selling good things so they can earn real money for their families.

The more Web Sales Pages you have, the more you can potentially earn. All of your Web Sales Pages can be tied together with a special Sales Funnel Mechanism so that your prospects see all of your Web Sales Pages. All your prospects are led to ALL of Your Web Sales Pages so You can generate MULTIPLE SALES from each customer.

By having multiple Web Sales Pages setup, your monthly income potential is UNLIMITED. As more people visit your Web Sales Pages, more sales are generated...enabling you to EXPAND your business. The more people who visit your Web Sales Pages, the more money you can earn each and every month.

You should work to acquire ASSETS, because ASSETS pay you money.




Income Asset Building
is Far
Richer Than
Trying to Build [just] an MLM Downline or a Business Opportunity.

When you become an effective direct marketer, your goal is to turn everything you touch into an income generating asset. You need to have enough income assets bundled together to be in position to make a serious income.

All I did was devise
a cash flow system
that everyone could use
and make money.

What I did was string a ton of tools together. The MACHINES  (website sales letters) do all of the selling. THEY SORT + SPEAK + SELL + SPONSOR FOR YOU! Prospects eat it up. They end up selling themselves. AFTER they buy your first offer, the system automatically shows them MULTIPLE product offers. That ís called the back-end. Now watch them come BACK and buy another product from you.

You must connect people to the first retail sale, and then to another one. That ís how you get lines of people to buy more from you.

This Marketing Funnel System Gets Prospects to Surrender To Whatever You Sell...they buy multiple products all at one time. You can earn over and over on the same buyers. Many people UPGRADE to the higher-priced whopper products. Any real sales system has to be predictable and it MUST move your prospects into a position to purchase repeatedly.

The key is to have multiple products and weave people through 2-3-4 products and courses -- and then offer them your MLM or Business Opportunity at the end. But first, make at least $30-$150 per buyer BEFORE you pitch them your MLM type program.


You sell them how-to information courses
and marketing systems FIRST.

A) This gives you cash-flow and...

B) This gives you an endless supply of FREE leads.

C) The potential is making $1500 to $15,000 a month on-the-side.

D) Then, back-ending everyone into your MLM program.

Think about it.

How would you like to earn an extra $3,000 a month BEFORE your MLM income kicked in?


I create “systems” that CREATE CASH FLOW and  LEADS all at the same time. 

One of my top priorities is to SELL THINGS to People. I always recruit harder and better if I have sold something ***FIRST*** to the person.

In a sales transaction, if a person BUYS from you they ...
- Learn to trust you ...
- That prospect turns into a CUSTOMER ...
- Customers become FRIENDS ...
- It's EASIER to sponsor a customer than it is trying to rope a stranger into your MLM.

And that's what my courses teach you how to do. First, HOW to sell information systems to people. Then HOW to ***GRACEFULLY***
back-end them into your MLM program.

Most people don't have a true sales process. Enrolling people into your MLM should NOT be the primary focus of your business. In marketing it ís called CONTINUITY.


CONTINUITY ís where after you advertise and sell your “front-end” product, then the system itself SELLS the buyer the back-end products that are $100, $200, $500, or more. 

It ís free money because the system sells the first product, and the 2nd one, and then the 3rd one! You earn from multiple products, not just one.

I can teach you how to funnel 1,000's of prospects through an effective sales process. On the back-end of the “sales system”, you can automatically enroll EAGER new people into your MLM program.

MLM doesn't work for most people BECAUSE they try to sell what isn't bought. Many naive people are trying to sell MLM company products, and the merits of "company pay plans". This is not a true marketing system.

I have created a “true sales system” that can bring you loads of eager Beavers with money in their hands. They buy multiple products, and join your MLM too.

Regardless if whether or not the prospect "joins", you still funded the recruiting exercise with the cash that was made on the front end retail purchases. You earn money regardless of who joins your MLM.


The reason I have done well in Network Marketing over 20 years is for 3 simple reasons:

1. I don’t "recruit" people. I just market a (true) system.
2. The system sorts, sells, selects and sponsors for you.
3. My system is extremely simple for people to use! 

First, you retail multiple products to make large piles of profit. And second, you gather a base of customers and prospects to funnel into your MLM program. It's a premeditated sales process. It's predictable. Yes, there is a formula. You must have a true sales process.




big money webpages setup for you


The more
Web Sales Pages
you have setup
*LIVE on the Internet*,
you can earn.



Here's how you can sell
one or more
offers and
keep all the money!

1. You obtain an associate co-publisher's license to one or more of my sales webpages.

2. I will clone my entire sales webpage for you. Your name will appear next to mine. We will be selling the offer(s) together. 

3. When people buy from you, they will pay you directly into your PayPal account.

All you need to work my
Associate Co-Publishing Program
is to have a PayPal account.

All I need is your PayPal account email address 
to setup everything  for you. 

*If you do not yet have a free PayPal business account, I will show you how to do it very easily.

4. You promote the Sales Webpage using proven methods.  I will provide you with detailed training for my best 2 traffic methods. These 2 traffic methods are all you need to get continuous stream of serious prospects coming to your sales webpages.

5. Once your customers buy from you, they can access the product via the download page. At that point - I will take over and make sure they have an experience second to none.   If your customers ever have a question or need support, I will take care of everything. 

Once you make the sale (and collect 100% of the money!) your job is done!

6. If you choose to be a co-publisher for several different sales webpages, then your prospects will automatically see your entire sales funnel of offers so you can make additional sales with the same customers. That can make even more money...IF you get setup with several different sales webpages.


Here's what you'll
be able to do!

  • Promote The Sales Website 
    (I will show you how) 
  • Make Sales and Earn 100% Of All the Sales   
  • Get Paid Instantly In PayPal   
  • Spend The Money (That's the fun part!)  

  Nothing could be easier than this. 




Here's How Everything Works For YOU...


 1   Step  A: Please click the GOLD BUTTONS at the bottom  of  THIS WEBPAGE to see and consider the available offers that are part of my Associate Co-Publishing Program.

Step B: Choose one or more products that you want to purchase.

(*You must first purchase the product offer yourself, before you can obtain an associate co-publisher’s license to promote that same product).

 2   Place your order for the product offer directly on each of the separate sales webpages.

 3    After placing your order, you will be directed to a download page to obtain the product you have purchased. On that product download page, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a Lifetime license to be an associate co-publisher for that one particular product. The cost is only $67 one-time. After paying the one-time fee, you will be given all the details to get started as a new associate co-publisher.  

 4   Create your PayPal account (so you can receive direct payments from your customers). 

I will be sending you a PDF guide to walk you through this step easily. Once you have your Paypal account setup, just email me your Paypal account email address (I’ll need your Paypal Email to set up your sales website with your Paypal Payment Button). 

 5   Promote the webpage link I provide to you and start making money.

Once your sales website is set up (and the process has been tested), I will provide you with a special link (by email). This will be the link you use to promote the sales website and earn 100% of the sales. This link will go to YOUR sales page, not mine. This is not an affiliate offer. This is you selling my product as an associate co-publisher with me.

When you become an Associate
Co-Publisher for several different offers…those offers ALSO GET ADDED
can make even more money



You can begin collecting as many 100% payments as you want...while I do all the rest of the work! 

But there are limited Co-Publishing licenses available so it is vital that you act now! 


Will you join me?

If you have struggled to make money online because of all the many moving parts that are needed - then this is for you. 

If you want to promote a powerful product as if it is your own, without having to do the hard work of creating products, building websites and providing ongoing customer support - then this is absolutely for you! 

I hope you become one of my associate co-publishers. If you do, I will work hard to help you succeed. Because when we work together everyone accomplishes more!

After you purchase associate co-publishing rights, I will work to get your sales webpage setup and ready to go. All you need is a PayPal account email to start earning money fast. 

Most Sincerely,

         Doyle Chambers

Phone: 972-635-9407


Doyle and tractor pic


Get Started Here



Click the BUTTONS to
See Offers that are
part of my Associate
Co-Publisher's Program.

The 3 offer starter bundle

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Let's face facts. Succeeding online can be hard

And there is a huge difference between an occasional commission and really making a living online. 

Why is making a full time living online so hard? 

Because there are too many moving parts! 

Just look at what it takes to have your own product and really succeed at selling a product. 

  • You need to identify a marketing niche and imagine a product that will help that niche.  
  • You need to be an expert in the field or pay someone to do deep research. 
  • You have to create the actual product -- be it a report, video, a membership site or something else.  
  • You have to choose the right price point for selling your product.  
  • You have to write a great sales letter (or pay a copywriter to do it for you). 
  • You have to build several websites: sales webpage, download pages to deliver your product, etc. (or pay a webmaster to create all the websites for you). 
  • You have to test your offer and make sure it converts.  
  • You have to drive traffic to your sales webpage.  

And once those things are all done, you still have to ... 

  • Provide customer support and answer questions concerning your product.  
  • You have to keep your product current and up to date.  

Is there any wonder so many struggle? 

The Hard Way: 
YOU can try to do it all yourself.

The Easy Way: 
Let someone help you who has
been earning a full-time living
as a Mail-Order/MLM/Internet
Marketer for over 25 years.

You Choose:

 The Hard Way or The Easy Way? 

You can skip the struggle with this offer!

All you do is promote and keep
100% of what you collect. 

I do all the other things for you!


What's different about this program?

I am offering you an Associate Co-Publisher's license for selling one of my products. This is not a "resale rights" offer, it's associate co-publishing (or franchise if you like) where you can promote the product and earn 100% of the sales while I do everything else.


I will build and host a custom copy of my proven sales webpage and put your name next to mine on the sales page!

Don't worry, there will be zero technical work for you to do. I will do all of that.

♦You don't need a domain name...I've got that covered.
♦You don't need a Hosting Service...I've got that covered.

I have several different sales webpages that are making sales right now. These are fully-developed websites.

The sales offers have been tested and they work! These sales offers are designed to deliver the maximum value to customers while yielding the highest possible conversions for us. Note: You CANNOT setup the product web sales pages for order processing on your own hosting. This is a Co-Publishing License. I will setup everything for you on my own hosting account.


What can you earn?

You will earn 100% per sale paid directly into your PayPal account.  Customers will pay you, not me.

You simply promote the site and earn a direct instant payment for 100% of the sales price. You are paid instantly and you keep all the money! 

This makes your life easier because you will have the cash flow you need to do the things you want to do in your business and life!


Important Terms and Conditions

You must promote the sales offers yourself using ethical methods  . No spam, negative reviews, or other spammy marketing methods. 


My products sell like hot cakes!

The Internet is wide open for you to promote one or more of my products!

This is truly a wide open opportunity  to promote top quality products that are proven winners - and you keep 100% of the money you collect. 




Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a website of my own to do this?  

You do not need a website of your own  . What you will be doing is becoming an associate co-publisher with me to promote one of my sales websites and keep 100% of the sales you generate. Your customers will pay you via PayPal, and then I will step in and do the rest. I have already built, and tested, the sales website so you don’t have to! 


Can I build my own list with this offer?  

Yes! You can build your list while promoting the sales website and keeping 100% of the sales. The way you would do that is to put a squeeze page in place and then auto-redirect your prospective customers to your customized sales page.


Is this the same as affiliate marketing?  

Yes and no. It is not an affiliate offer, but you can promote it like an affiliate offer. What I mean is this – with this offer you do not need to build a sales website, have hosting, deliver a product, do customer service or any of the other things that product owners have to do. I will do all of that. 

What you do is promote and earn an immediate 100% payment in PayPal. Customers pay you. They are your customers and you can communicate with them if you like. Unlike affiliate marketing, you have a vested interest in this offer as you are an associate co-publisher with me in a sales website I build and run, but one that has your name on it as well as mine. 


What is the cost?

I am offering you a Lifetime Associate Co-Publisher License for one of my products. You will never have to pay a fee again to continue promoting the sales website for the product.

You can sell unlimited copies of the product and keep 100% of the sale!

When it came time to price this, I had to consider everything I had done. I had the ideas to create the products, did the research, proved the concepts, and created the products. Developing the difficult skills to create effective sales websites have cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours. 

If I said this is worth $1000, I would be under-estimating the value .

So what do I charge? 

I chose to price this at what most people can afford.

I'm pricing this Lifetime license to be an associate co-publisher for one of my available products at a one payment of $67 (That’s only $67 for each separate product that you choose to be an associate co-publisher for).


Need a money back guarantee?

If you need a money back guarantee this is not for you. This is not an "I'll give it a try and if it doesn't work out get a refund" type of offer. 

This is custom work. I am building a sales webpage for you, helping you get a PayPal Buy Button set up, and then completely running an entire sales website for you

This is more of a service and licensing than it is a simple "sale".  

That said, here is exactly what I do promise you ...

  • You will have your own sales webpage up and running.   
  • I will provide you with my proven marketing tools to use in marketing the sales webpage.   
  • I will answer your questions regarding marketing the sales website.   
  • I will walk you through setting up your PayPal account.    
  • You will be able to begin selling one of my ready-made products as one of my associate co-publishers. 


 I can't afford this right now. Will this offer close?  

It will close without notice. The reason for that is not to create some sort of scarcity, but because I work very closely with every buyer. This is not some automated process where you log in and add your email address and get a link to promote. 

This is a manual process where I communicate with you, create a sales webpage for you, and then help you promote the sales webpages to earn 100% instant payments. 






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